Since 1999, Voices of the Soil has worked alongside people, getting our hands dirty and connecting in a personal way with soil through a variety of community initiatives.

Our services, a culmination of more than 10 years field work and support to more than 75 community projects, are designed to help communities, schools, after-school agencies, and municipalities to initiate, design and sustain programs such as:

Community/School Gardens: supports the gardener and community through the various phases and considerations of starting up a new garden project including: leadership, site design and construction, membership, communications, and on-going maintenance.

The Municipal Community Garden Program: supports the sustainability of community-led community gardening activities within a municipality. This program helps municipalities to examine their infrastructure supports such as policy alignments, liability, investment and benefits of community collaboration and cooperation.

Youth Environmental Programs: supports communities to engage youth in the natural environment by encouraging learning, demonstration and peer leadership through hands-on, age relevant programs.

Cityfarm programs: In partnership with Personal Community Support Association we help create opportunities to engage people, in particular our young people to:

– connect with the growing and harvesting of their food and hence a rural
farm experience
– connect with nature
– engage in recreational activities in an adventurous way, and
– participate in community democracy and transformation