Our projects include:


Cityfarm ( 2005 to 2012)

Cityfarm  is an environmental project where children, young people, pupils, teachers and other adults can experience on a daily basis about the urban and rural environments and their inter-relationships with plants and animals, the importance of the seasons and the relationship between all of these.  Activities may include propagating plants and trees, sustainable farming, biological gardening, conservation of habitats, building solar panels, tending animals, and participating in Adventure Play.

To learn more:  Cityfarm

Voices of the Soil is pleased to be part of Cityfarms’ plans to help other Canadian communities build their own Cityfarms.


Edmonton Community Garden Network of Edmonton & Area (2000 to 2011)


In partnership with the City of Edmonton and Edmonton community agencies Voices of the Soil facilitates and supports the development of community gardens in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Over 60 community garden sites have been established in Edmonton and surrounding area


The Clareview Community EcoGarden (2000-2003)


“Soil for Healthy People and People for Healthy Soil”

The Clareview Community EcoGarden was designed to support area residents to increase self-sufficiency.  The Clareview Community EcoGarden offers community members an opportunity to build ‘community’, access locally grown food and flowers, create neighborhood beauty, gain knowledge and experience in business practices, horticulture, life skills, nutrition, and ecological practices.

EcoYouth (2002-2003)
EcoYouth involved youth as young as age 8 through to University, with age relevant activities that fostered understanding, demonstration, and leadership, in environmental practices in soil building and composting at their home, with their peers, and in their community

Learning from the Voices of the Earth Conference (2002-03)


This conference profiled community gardens, habitat restoration projects, and school naturalization projects.  Projects had an opportunity to share their expertise and learn from the others.

Plant Watch Indicator Gardens and Children’s EcoCamp (2003)

EcoYouth mobilized community participation in Plant Watch activities, established Plant Watch Indicator Gardens, and offered summer EcoCamps that focused on Plant Watch, the ecology and lifestyles.